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This site is intended for all kinds of plurals. If you're more than one person residing in a body, welcome! We hope you'll find useful things here. (Please note that this site's title is tongue-in-cheek. We, LB, mostly run it now, and we are disabled with DID--not exactly traditionally healthy.)

We give our thanks to the creators who have given their permission for us to host local copies of their work in case of link breakage. Please note, however, that these copies are going to be rather sparse and possibly a bit glitchy, especially regarding images. We're working on fixing that up.

Table of Contents:

Plurality 101: What is it?
Daily Life and Getting It Together
Navigating Healthcare and Disclosure
Abuse and Trauma
Death: Before and After
For Singlets
Multi Fiction
Want Something That's Not On The List?

Plurality 101: What is it?

"The subjective experience of many conscious selves residing in one brain." --Em Flynn of Plures House, in Plurality for Skeptics

Frequently Asked Questions, by Collective Solipsism. A nice quick explanation of some of the basics of plurality. Local copy here.

D. I. D. you know?, by tigrin, on DeviantArt. A brief, concise comic on the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for DID. Local copy here.

What is a tulpa?, by the Team. A nice concise explanation of tulpamancy, with further resources from there. Local copy here

Experiences of Medianhood, by Watcher of the Hidden Ones. For people who are in between multiple and singlet, there's median.

Divisions in Plurality, 3.0, by Kerry of Plures House. A quick overview of some of the different camps of plurals, as of 2015. (Check out 1.0 and 2.0 for blasts from multi pissing contests past!) Local copy of 3.0 here.

A Newbie's Guide to Plural Comms [Communities] , by Jack of the Wayfarers. (Hosted by Rhymers House.) First realizing you're plural? Some sage words of advice! Local copy here.

Posts Regarding Use of the Words System and Multiple. Okay, there's some very specific misinformation going around multi circles on tumblr, which claim that these words were created by MPD/DID/OSDD folks FOR MPD/DID/OSDD folks. All of this is totally untrue. So, in case you run into this, here's some quick and dirty takedowns of each idea!

Daily Life and Getting It Together

Navigating the world as a multiple. What to do?

Beginner's Guide to Fronting, by fuzzyjayling. Having trouble letting someone else take over? A guide on how. (Note: some of these techniques involve purposely dissociating. If this is something you struggle with, this may not be the guide for you.) Local copy here.

On Building Headspace, by LB Lee. What are headspaces good for? Do you want to build one? Here's a start.

Small Worlds, Contained Inside: Visualization Guide, by Hidden Storys of the Metallic System. A more in-depth primer to making a headspace, from a tulpa perspective. Local copy here. (NOTE: working on hosting the images.)

Body Focus, Communication, and Memory, by the DreamWriters. A guide to handy, easy tactics to ground yourself, break dissociation, and help keep up system communication, internal and out, even if dissociation is high. Local copy here. (Also check out their Brief List of Coping Tools! For crisis cards, Stickman Communications has some prefab ones for sale.

Mapping Your System, by Sarah K. Reece. How to get an idea who all is in there. Also read the comments for an alternative if mapping is a BAD idea for you!

Time Management, by ATW. (Scroll to page 8 for relevant info.) A selection from got parts? on managing time, even if co-consciousness is low. This entire book has lots of really useful stuff on getting to know your system, including mapping, creating a timeline, and building a headspace. Buy it here!

In-System Relationships: Fact and Fiction, by Kerry of Plures House. Many systems have members who have romantic relationships with each other. Kerry covers a few of the myths and truths. Local copy here.


For the bad days. You're not alone!

Better Miserable Than Crazy, by LB Lee. Back when we tried very hard to will ourselves into singletude, there was an unspoken belief that it was better to be miserable than mentally ill. You too?

The Systems Everyone's Ashamed Of, by LB Lee. Even in plurality, there's a sort of hierarchy of weird--having people in your head is okay, as long as they're the RIGHT KIND of people. This is a take-down of that idea.

Impervious to Weirdness, by LB Lee. For all you folks out there who are secretly (or not so secretly) terrified that you're a faker who's just doing it all for the attention, even as you never tell anyone you exist.

Navigating Healthcare and Disclosure

the Handy-Dandy Loony-Brain Guide to Uncloseting, by LB Lee. Exactly what it sounds like. Thinking of coming out as multiple? Not sure how to start? Here!

Note: while there is no free copy of this available, there is an in-depth chapter specifically on coming out in Amongst Ourselves, by Tracy Alderman and Karen Marshall. It covers specifics like significant others, children, co-workers, and knowing your rights under the American with Disabilities Act. Marshall has DID; please support the work of other plurals and buy the book if interested!

How to Shop for a Therapist, by siderea. Exactly what it says on the tin. Not meant for plurals specifically, this article goes in depth on how to find yourself a shrink. (Note: US-centric.)

Getting Disability/SSI, from the Multiples-of-DA community on DeviantArt. For those of us looking for advice dealing with the disability system. (Note: US-centric.) Local copy here.

Know Your Rights: A Handbook for Patients with Chronic Illness:, by Jennifer C. Jaff, Esq. A very thorough book on everything from special education to insurance to housing. Because Ms. Jaff is sadly deceased, and the organization she created no longer exists, this handbook is out of print, going for $300 on Amazon; I would think Ms. Jaff would prefer her work still get to the people who need it, but if one of her estate would like us to remove this, I will. (NOTE: US-centric, predates the Affordable Care Act.)

Abuse and Trauma

Plurals, Beware... by Wayfarers. Some red flags to be aware of with your fellow plurals. Local copy here.

The Secret-Bearers, by LB Lee. Sometimes, keeping the secret of being multiple can lead to nasty places.

Multi-Specific Abuse, by LB Lee. Multiplicity can lead to extra complications when it comes to abuse, from both perpetrator and victim sides.

Dissociation as a Tool of Abuse, by LB Lee. Some predators take advantage of someone's dissociation to manipulate them. Some things to keep an eye on if you notice your functioning or memory going downhill when you're around someone.

Crazy Chasers, by LB Lee. Some people find you merely an obstruction to the crazy they find so intriguing. Trust me, you don't want to be friends with them.

Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men, by Lundy Bancroft. This book is invaluable for understanding the psychology behind male abusers. BIG CAVEAT: Bancroft does not seem to believe in female-on-male abuse.

Domestic Violence: A resource for trans people, from the Greater London Domestic Violence Project. Intended for trans singlets, but can be valuable to trans systems or system members.

Repressed Memories and How To Deal With Them, by LB Lee. For those of you trying to set out on memory work. (Please be very careful about this.)

Note that LB has a bunch of posts about cults in the plural communities here. They're not directly relevant, so not gonna bother linking them here individually.

Death: Before and After

"I got good at feeling bad and that's why I'm still here." --Kimya Dawson, the Competition.

The 'Hurt Yourself Less' Workbook, by Eleanor Dace, Alison Faulkner, Miranda Frost, Karin Parker, Louise Pembroke, and Andy Smith. National Self-Harm Network. Workbook for managing self-harm, not necessarily quit.

Death and Multiplicity, by LB Lee. Sometimes, system members die, and sometimes, it's good to commemorate that.

Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws., by Kate Bornstein. Exactly what it sounds like. Also recommended (but not publically available) is How I Stayed Alive When My Brain Was Trying to Kill Me, by Susan Blauner. (Both Blauner and Bornstein are singlet, but they talk about BPD, depression, and drugs.)

After Your Suicide Attempt: Deciding to Live, by Samantha Heames. "So, you tried to kill yourself and you botched it." For suicide attempt survivors, in those hellish days immediately afterward. (NOTE: fixed the dead link 9/2/2016.)

For Singlets

Rules of Engagement: Plural Etiquette, by Em, Hess, and Kerry of Plures House. Some quick lessons in basic plural manners. Local copy here.

How to Write Multi, by LB Lee. One of our singlet friends wanted advice on writing multiplicity in her fiction, so here's some pointers!

Multi Fiction

Polychrome Heroics, by Elizabeth Barrette. Serial story-poetry about a multi superhero, Damask, who becomes multi (and develops superpowers) due to telepathic supervillain attack. Ongoing.

My Mom Is Different, by Deborah Sessions and Susan Chalkley. A book for children about having a multiple parent, written by a multiple with children. Sweet and simple.

Battle The Universe, by LB Lee. Our own serial focusing on multi superhero, Tank! Tank is a trauma-based system, but they generally have their act together and get along. Ongoing.

Cache, by Nikolai Kingsley. A short sci-fi story about a multiple and two singlets going treasure hunting in space. The multiplicity is specifically engineered by the reigning society because it's handy to have.

Multiple Personality and Dissociation Booklist. The most comprehensive list I've found of books on multiplicity. Be warned though, it gives titles and authors and such, but very little about the books' content otherwise. Heavily DID-centric.

Want Something That's Not On the List?

LB has a list of more tangential resources here, covering trans stuff, poor stuff, academic articles, and more abuse resources. They're kept separate so the main index doesn't get too overwhelming!